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Virtuous and Vicious

Acrylic on canvas with light box and switch
121 x 77 x 9 cm

About the Piece

Taking inspiration from traditional Chinese "Shan Shui" (mountain-water) paintings, this piece combines an idyllic landscape with contrasting backlit imagery.

On the right hand side there are fires raging and imagery related to mankind's continued subsidisation of fossil fuel industries at the expense of people and planet for profit - the vicious cycle.

On the left there is a small cluster of wind turbines emphasising the minimal effort by the majority of the worlds policymakers regarding renewable energy and green funding, along with a few animals and an untarnished landscape - the virtuous cycle.



  • Light function for artwork interaction and image alteration
  • Not to be used as a lamp or left on for extended periods of time
  • Plug type G, two core wire and energy saving bulb


Please note that on-stretcher art-pieces may only be picked up or call us to arrange shipping.

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