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Everything's Got To Go

92 x 61 x 9 cm

About the Piece

this piece combines a house for sale nestled in an idyllic landscape with contrasting backlit imagery.

When the light is on the building bursts into flames, pumping smoke into the sky of the idyllic landscape. The "For Sale" sign looks hastily done, did the individual know what was coming and tried to cash out or maybe its just a coincidence.

The monochromatic blue style is inspired by the blue hues found in porcelain designs from around the world.




  • Light function for artwork interaction and image alteration
  • Not to be used as a lamp or left on for extended periods of time
  • Plug type G, two core wire and energy saving bulb


Please note that on-stretcher art-pieces may only be picked up or call us to arrange shipping.
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